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Industry Focus

Banking Services & Solutions with Industry Specialization

You’ve chosen to be an entrepreneur in a specific industry. You’ve worked hard to understand the dynamics, navigate the twists and turns, and stay competitive. Needless to say, you need a banking partner that recognizes the unique industry challenges and complexities you face and offers financial solutions designed to work for you.

While banking is what we do here at Bank Michigan, we also bring a wealth of industry expertise to guide and advise you on ways to build and manage a profitable business. We offer a variety of services for your business in any industry, from real estate to healthcare and everything in between. 

Comprehensive Suite of Industry-Focused Financial Services

You deserve a bank that understands your industry and values your community. Bank Michigan has over a century’s worth of experience in helping businesses thrive. Are you a healthcare professional that wants to start your own practice? We have professionals who have specialized industry knowledge to assist you in your venture. Do you wish to create passive income through rental properties? Our experts can help you with your next steps in real estate investment. Maybe you’re ready to follow your dream and open a café or restaurant. We can help with that too. Bank Michigan is here to service any industry you can think of with specialized attention and proficiency.

If You Think You Can Do It, Your Bank Thinks So Too!

We have over 100 years of industry experience in nurturing Southeast Michigan. We know our community just like we know banking. Bank Michigan has experience with businesses that have been on your journey and have taken the exact road you’re on now. If you want the best route to success, you can bank on us to help you get there. 

We offer banking and lending expertise in various areas such as:

  • Retail trade
  • Construction
  • Lodging and hotels
  • Rentals and leasing, 
  • Medical
  • Cannabis
  • and many more 

You’ll have a variety of business loan options that take into account the unique needs of different industries. Whether you want to acquire a business, grow your business, or invest in student housing in the Ann Arbor area, talk to us. The journey is yours; we just provide the roadmap!

Contact us online or we can have a conversation at your nearest branch. When you meet our team you’ll be introduced to our industry experts who can help guide you in the right direction with Better. Thinking. Banking.

Bank Michigan

Meet Our Team

A dedicated, community-focused team of financial experts are here to help you with all your banking needs.

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Bank Michigan


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