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Treasury Management

Treasury Management Customized to Your Needs

Growth is the process of constant transformation. When you’re growing your business, you need to feel confident in your capital. With Bank Michigan, you can be. Our Treasury Management services can assist you in managing daily cash flows, maintaining credit lines, and allocating funds for future projects. Our specialists provide personalized cash management solutions to handle your finances and mitigate risk. 

Why is Treasury Management Important?

Bank MichiganTreasury management is an essential service for managing your enterprise. Imagine a large company without the ability to use wire transfers or ACH services. These services help ensure your business not only survives but thrives. Expansion in business means you have more to gain but also more to lose. The right treasury management program can provide specialized services and tools necessary for success.

Bank Michigan provides treasury management solutions to simplify your financial operations. We provide security through fraud mitigation tools, risk management, and financial forecasting. These services can offer you a variety of benefits, such as:

  • Greater Productivity – Our services can generate more productivity by saving you time with our suite of treasury management tools, such as remote deposit capture, and direct deposit processing. 
  • Increased Efficiency – We assist you in achieving maximum efficiency by providing management services that uniquely serve your business objectives.
  • Tighter Security – Our fraud protection tools can help you fight, prevent, and detect fraud or breaches. 
  • Intuitive Forecasting – You can see into the future with our financial forecasting to help you track your budget, manage your expenses, and understand your trends.

What Can You Expect from Our Treasury Management Solutions?

You deserve peace of mind when you’re managing your finances. Bank Michigan strives to provide treasury management services that provide this and more. With our security solutions, you can feel safe about how you bank, where you bank, and who you bank with. We provide all the necessary tools to help you keep your business organized, secure, and prepared. Our cash management experts are adept at handling any situation, from fraud to forecasting. We offer a portfolio of services to ensure your success, such as:

  • Positive Pay – Ensure your checks are sound by using our fraud-prevention tools to keep all unauthorized checks out of your account.
  • Wire Transfers – Send money securely and with ease across the nation or internationally.
  • ACH – Our automated clearing house can provide you with secure, efficient, and accessible electronic funding options.
  • Direct Deposit Processing – Manage your payroll conveniently by going paperless. With an electronic option, there is no need for paper invoices, writing checks, or a bank visit.
  • Remote Deposit Capture – Allows you to scan checks for deposit into your account without leaving your office. Using a desktop check scanner, computer, and internet connection checks are scanned and electronically sent to the bank for deposit.
  • Cash Courier Service – Our Coin and Currency Service facilitates the safe and secure movement of your cash or coins when and where you need it.
  • Merchant Servicing – We help your business with credit card processing, virtual terminals, mobile payments, and more.

Our treasury management experts are ready to help your business grow. Contact us online or we can set up a meeting at your nearest branch. Enjoy a cup of coffee and meet our team.