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Deposit Rates

Certificates of Deposit & IRA Rates

At Bank Michigan, we believe the best way to secure your future is to prepare for it. Our variety of deposit accounts can help you do just that. From money markets to IRAs, we offer products and services that can help you meet your goals and take care of life's unexpected surprises. View and compare our competitive rates below. Together, we can grow your money safely.

The balance range to obtain Annual Percentage Yield (APY) is $1,000 to $249,999.99. Interest compounds quarterly and a penalty may be imposed for early withdrawal. For amounts $250,000 or more, please contact us for updated rate information. 

New money only
Term Interest Rate APY
182-Day Certificate 5.00% 5.09%
10 Month Certificate  5.15% 5.25%
13 Month Certificate  4.75% 4.84%
18 Month Bump Certificate *** 4.75% 4.84%
Term Interest Rate APY
12 Month Certificate  1.50% 1.51%
24 Month Certificate  2.00% 2.02%
36 Month Certificate  2.25% 2.27%
48 Month Certificate  1.75% 1.76%
60 Month Certificate  1.75% 1.76%

* Funds currently deposited in accounts at Bank Michigan are not eligible for the promotional interest rate.  Offer subject to change or cancellation at any time without notice.  Cannot be combined with any other CD offer.  Limited-time offer, please contact your local branch for more information.

*** Option to bump rate one-time within CD term, if rates within the same term increase

Interest Rates and Annual Percentage Yields are current as of 05.25.2024. For current rate information call (517) 592-3205.

Are you ready to start saving? Stop by your nearest branch to meet our team. They can explain the features of our investment accounts so you can choose the one that’s best for you. Can’t make it to the bank? Contact us online to learn more.