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Meet Plinqit. Savings in the palm of your hand.

Plinqit mobile app screenshotsAt Bank Michigan, we have a pretty cool way to save. It’s called Plinqit. It’s a powerful saving platform, an app actually, that helps you save for what you need, or want, most. Saving for a dream vacation? Building an emergency fund? Looking to pay off credit card debt? Finally getting that furry friend? Plinqit makes achieving your savings goal a piece of cake. You set your goals, you track your progress, you see your savings pile up, and you get to take the credit. So whatever your saving goal is, Plinqit will help get you there.

So, how does Plinqit work?

  • Links to your account, simply and safely
  • Set a goal and see your savings grow
  • Put away money, one little bit at a time
  • Save and get Plinqit rewards for it
  • Refer friends & earn rewards
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